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iTouch Sport 3 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker: Silver Case with White Strap

iTouch Sport 3 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker: Silver Case with White Strap

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The iTouch Air 3 is the perfect addition to your busy lifestyle! By combining the most popular aspects of our best-selling iTouch Air models, with new and improved technology, the iTouch Air 3 will not disappoint. The iTouch Air 3 is committed to keeping you on-top of your health by continuously monitoring your heart rate 24 hours a day, reminding you to hydrate, and suggesting breathing exercises to help you unwind. The iTouch Air 3 is also committed to tracking your activity through its workout mode designed for running, elliptical training, cycling, and hiking and its multi-sports mode designed for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. Worrying about battery life becomes a thing of the past with the iTouch Air 3 as this model features an extended battery life and a revolutionary power saving mode. Plus, the curved screen technology coupled with a full touch screen input and vibrant animated color scheme makes using this smartwatch a breeze!

Movement- smart watch
Alarm, Camera Remote, Pedometer, Music Control, Weather, Continuous 24 Hour Heart Rate, Settings, Notifications, Custom Watch Face
Multi-Sports Mode, Workout Mode, IP68 Waterproof, Extended Battery Life, Calorie Tracker, Full Touch Input, Vibrant Animated Color Scheme, OTA Support
Motion Gesture, Connected GPS, Breathing Exercises, Countdown Clock, Activity Minute Tracker, Hydration Reminder, Elevated Heart Rate Reminder, Power Saving Mode, Hygiene Assistant, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder
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