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FITBIT Inspire 3 Lilac Bliss Wellness Tracker Watch, 19.5mm

FITBIT Inspire 3 Lilac Bliss Wellness Tracker Watch, 19.5mm

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Do what you love and feel your best with Inspire 3. This little health hack on your wrist helps you stay on top of your stress, fitness and sleep all you have to do is wear it. Style #FB424BKLVUS

Always-on wellness tracking watches for changes in your resting heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature more, so you can get to know your body and do what is best for it
See how well your body is handling stress with a daily personalized Stress Management Score - a high score means you are ready to tackle big things, while a low score is your body asking for some self-care
Daily Readiness Score available with premium tells you if your body is ready for a workout or needs recovery, so you can dial your exercise up or down depending on what your body is saying
Sleep Profile available with premium helps you identify if you snooze deep like a bear or float in and out like a dolphin, and get detailed sleep reports that reveal where you need the most improvement
Up to 10 day battery life for more go, more flow, more whoa
Active Zone Minutes tracks the time you spend in your target heart rate zones, so when you work out harder, you get credit and workouts in cardio or peak zones earn you double the minutes
Heart Health notifications tell f your heart rate goes above or below your usual range while you are at rest, your Fitbit will send you a notification because an unusually high or low heart rate could mean something is up
With relaxing mindfulness sessions available.

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