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Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Wristband Activity & Heart Monitor Black Small FB408

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Wristband Activity & Heart Monitor Black Small FB408

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Open Box - Rips To Top Of Box - Size Small

Keep track of your heartbeat, daily steps, and more with this versatile Fitbit Alta HR fitness wristband. This sophisticated fitness tracker sits on your wrist, reminding you to stay active, and automatically logs your workout routine via SmartTrack technology. Connect this large black Fitbit Alta HR fitness wristband to your smart device to monitor your daily habits.


All-day activity tracking with continuous heart rate
Track calorie burns, and heart rate, gauge workout intensity and get a picture of your overall health without an uncomfortable chest strap.

Get the power of continuous heart rate in Fitbit's slimmest design yet-all day, during workouts and beyond. Alta HR contains a Bluetooth 4.0 radio transceiver. The operating temperature is minus 10 to 45 degree Celsius
With heart rate, you can better measure calorie burn, and use zones (Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak) to find the right workout intensity for your goals.
With sleep stages powered by PurePulse heart rate, automatically track your time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep and take steps toward a better night's rest.
See how working out more can improve your health by comparing your resting heart rate trends to your activity, Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices.
Automatically track your steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes with up to 7 days of battery life
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