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Violet Chaos

Angelite Celestite & Crystal Quartz Bracelet! Genuine Gemstones!

Angelite Celestite & Crystal Quartz Bracelet! Genuine Gemstones!

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Angelite Celestite & Brazilian Crystal Quartz Stretch Bracelet. This item is handmade using only natural and premium components!

Angelite is a truly serene gemstone with a strong, yet gentle spiritual energy. It is also known as The Guardian Angel Stone because of the resemblance of the heavenly skies! This stone has been used to connect with crossed over loved ones, guardian angels and spirit guides for thousands of years.

Angelite is actually a “young” Celestite that didn’t have enough time to turn into the crystal geode form!

This precious crystal is great for communication in all forms. Angelite is also used to help people find their inner voice and become more confident!

Crystal Quartz is a master healer that brings clarity to any situation. This crystal reminds us to change our perspective and see from all sides. It’s also used to cleanse and then amplify positive energy.

Crystal Quartz is a powerful healer that can be used in ALL CHAKRAS and influences ALL ZODIAC signs!

Angelite helps aid the Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras! It's Zodiac Influences are: Aquarius ~ Cancer ~ Pisces

This bracelet is handmade with love in the USA using only high quality components!

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